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【 川越まつり 】
  Kawagoe Festival

この「曳っかわせ(ひっかわせ)」は、向かい合う数台の山車が、お囃子(笛・太鼓・鉦・踊り)で競演する。特に、夜の「曳っかわせ」は、昼間とは全く違う幻想的な姿となった  山車の様子と、囃子が入り乱れ最高潮の盛り上がりを見せる、“川越まつり”最大の見どころとなっています。 “川越まつり”は、貴重な都市型祭礼として、370年の時代を超えて、川越独特の特色を加えながら発展してきました。平成17年(2005)に「川越氷川祭の山車行事」として国の指定重要無形民俗文化財となった。


Kawagoe known for its streetscape. The time when that small Edo Kawagoe is the busiest time of the year. Kawagoe Festival "was held on Saturday 20th (Sat) and 21st (Sunday).
"Kawagoe Festival" has been developed while being strongly influenced by the festival of Edo's "Kanda Akashi - Akasaka Hisaeda Shrine". It is towed around the town centering on the townscape of the collection, which is a symbol of Edo Kawagoe, and many passengers oppose each other at a tsuji and pass over the visitors as they pass each other.
In this "hanging (hikage)", a number of facing cars compete with each other in accompaniment (flute, drum, dance, dance). Especially, the "Kagoshi Festival" of the night is the biggest attraction of the "Kawagoe Festival" which shows the state of the floats that became a fantastic figure completely different from the daytime, and the accompaniment of the accompanying music accompanied by the climax. "Kawagoe Festival" has developed as a precious urban festival, beyond the 370 years, adding Kawagoe 's distinctive features. It became designated important intangible folk cultural asset of the country as "Kawagoe Hikawa Festival float event" in 2005 (2005).

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