2018.8.29 蜻蛉18-54 犬のおしっこ

dragonfly 18-54
Psychoactive measures against dogs


【Psychoactive measures against dogs】
Torii is a shrine that divides the secular world where the temple and the human being live, and it shows the entrance to the god area. As a design, clans that were priests and family members may be used as family crests, and in current map symbols it means shrines. The torii shows a shrine and it can be said to be a building symbolizing the sanctity of the shrine, so when we visit a shrine, I first bow at the torii and enter after the shrine. Recently I brought a PET bottle and so on to my dog ​​'s walk, and now I often saw a walk strolling while cleaning up. Still, due to the insufficient measures taken by some owners for dogs' marking behavior, is the telepole democratized? There seems to be a countermeasure against bitterness like I did. I think that I used the psychology of the Japanese as "punishment" when I ship to the torii which is a sacred thing, but in a place where there is a high possibility of putting a shiver on the other hand, I joke the sacred torii Even though, I found it to be disgusting to put it in place.


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