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しょう)二十年<1592>駿河国臨済寺住寺 鉄山宗鈍禅師(てつざんそうどんぜんじ)を迎え中興します。





(大河内松平家廟所)大河内松平家は、江戸初期に第五代川越藩 主・松平伊豆守信綱によって興されました。信綱は老中として徳川家光、徳川家綱に仕え、江戸幕府の確立に大きく寄与します。川越藩主としても優れた治世を行い、その先見の



【Hirin Temple】

Hirin Temple, which was devastated by the warfare of the Warring States Period, received the help of Tokugawa Ieyasu,
Sho) 20 years <1592> Suruga country Rikkai-ji temple Teruji Teruyama Muneaki (Zenzanzenzenji) will be welcomed and will undergo a civil war.
Okochi family (later Okochi Matsudaira family) Hirin Temple, who received the same family protection as a family temple, was relocated to the current campaign due to the duty of Kawagoe lord Matsudaira Izu Morinobu.
Entering the Meiji period, Hirabayashi Monument opened as the first specialist dojo in the Kanto faction of Myoshinji school. It is a Zen temple of Musashino which has rich history now.
(General gate) The heavy thunder roof gate will welcome the visitor. It is Zen Satoshi like rustic, yet stately built.
(Yamamon) It is a valuable clay tree which Hirinji was relocated together when I relocated from Iwatsuki. It is said that the condition is still good as a building.
(Okochi Matsudaira Shrine Mausoleum) Okochi Matsudaira family was fostered by the 5th generation Kawagoe Domaineer and Matsudaira Izu Morinoshinaga in the early Edo period. Shinkin serve Tokugawa Iemitsu, Tokugawa Shogunate as an old age and contribute greatly to the establishment of the Edo shogunate. As a lord of Kawagoe as well, he performed excellent reign,
Ming was called "Wisdom Izu". Mr. Okochi Matsudaira also produced senior citizens after the death of Shinra and supported the Edo shogunate.
(Landscape of Musashino) Musashino, which was scarce in terms of water resources since ancient times, was a spectacle that spreads Susuki field in one direction. Entered the Edo era, Matsudaira Shinsui attracted Tamagawa Kamimizu and the water for ignition, making the region a remarkable development. The population increases with the development of the temple and supports the living
Miscellaneous forests to become fuel and fertilizer were formed and Musashino changed to a landscape with water and forest. Hirin Temple boundary forest containing a lot of miscellaneous trees. Tree forests that once supported local livelihoods, along with the transition of the times, finished their roles, and today it is regarded as a precious cultural resource that reminds me of Musashino's original landscape. Because the forest is originally an artificial forest, plants grow thick when left for a long time, falling of dead branches and fallen trees occur. Vegetation is also disturbed, further degradation advances landscape and security
The problem also arises.

Showa 43 (1968) Hirinji temple boundary forest widely holds the atmosphere of Musashino
It was designated as a natural monument of the country as a valuable cultural asset.
(Sleeping Beauty Forest) The site of Sleeping Beauty is part of the National Designated Natural Monument · Hirin Temple Precise Forest.
In the Edo era, we visited five villages of Owada in the city, Nogido, Sugasawa, Kitano, Nishibori
Ueno County who had dominated Takasaki clan Matsudaira It is the place where a buddy house of Utako Taizo family was.


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